Thinking of Poe

We just passed Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday. He was born January 19, 1809, and I’ve been reading his poetry and also some of his essays. One of them in particular, “The Poetic Principle,” where he attempts to explain poetry and beauty and art, is well worth studying.

Here’s a poem inspired by his thoughts, and by the drum beat of alliteration that I love in his poetry.

Where are you pointing, Mr. Poe?                                                                                                               My haunted muse has reappeared and                                                                                                           I search your shrouding shadows                                                                                                               Peer through your misty dripping darkness

As I read your troubled treasures                                                                                                                 Faint ideas push through fog, hesitate                                                                                                          And like kitten paws on keyboards create                                                                                                     A gentle but jangling harmony

Hear with the heart—is that your hint?                                                                                                      I’m frightened at the thought, since                                                                                                            The sounds all settle into seeping sadness                                                                                                  All the words have sorrow’s ring

I’m puzzled, but I’ll persevere                                                                                                                      You lure me with your lingering lines, and                                                                                        Believing reflection brings surprising light                                                                                        Patiently I ponder your perceptions, Mr. Poe.    



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