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Poetry Summer

Troubled times. Hurricanes and floods, fear and outrage, unbelievable politics and uncertain futures. Where can we turn? Perhaps to poetry. The word comes from the Greek “Poiesis,” or “to make.” Long before we wrote anything down, we recited poetry to … Continue reading

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If Only

I am honored to have my poem “If Only” included in the Spring issue of Apeiron Review! Issue Twelve is an intense collection, with some amazing prose, poetry, photographs and illustrations. You can read it online here. (“If Only” is on page 30.) … Continue reading

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The Thrill of Hope

The new year brings hope A day like any other Becomes an opportunity I watch the animals They don’t know the calendar And live in hope all of the days The cat sits motionless in the morning dew Staring at the gopher … Continue reading

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Old Friends

         I’m with Longfellow, who said,  Ah! How good it feels the hand of an old friend. I can’t help it. I love old friends and I love traditions and I love remembering. I don’t know why I’m so nostalgic, … Continue reading

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Autumn Begins

The sun still shimmers warm Breaking through branches bereft Their leaves lost to the lawn A coverlet for the coming chill  

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Comfort in Coarseness

Brooding makes a furrowed bed Unyielding to such a tired frame Precarious, unsettling Writhing only bruises But burrow through the fretting To a kernel of serenity Requiescence is found within Comfort now in coarseness

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Years ago I visited Delphi, the navel of the world, the prehistoric site in mainland Greece where ancient people worshipped mother earth or Gaia and later Apollo, whose instructions they heard from the Oracle through the priestess Pythia. Apollo was … Continue reading

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