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Coronavirus April 2020

Pure air, blossom scent Spring returns to silenced streets Mourning doves coo … coo …

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Coronavirus March 2020

Plague. Such an antiquated term, conjuring ignorance and myth and black-hooded reapers; bodies piled in ancient blanket-covered carts. But last night, while I slept, 800 people died in Spain. Our plague is washed in white–masked and gloved. Darkness hides behind … Continue reading

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Care to Read?

I have updated my “Writings” page with the text of a published vignette and a poem, since links to the online publications have expired. Please enjoy!

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Thinking of Poe

We just passed Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday. He was born January 19, 1809, and I’ve been reading his poetry and also some of his essays. One of them in particular, “The Poetic Principle,” where he attempts to explain poetry and … Continue reading

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I Believe in New Year’s

2017 was a sad year. In addition to the major shocking, horrifying and depressing events that took place in the world, on a minor, personal note, I got almost nothing written. How can a person who calls themselves a writer … Continue reading

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Poetry Summer

Troubled times. Hurricanes and floods, fear and outrage, unbelievable politics and uncertain futures. Where can we turn? Perhaps to poetry. The word comes from the Greek “Poiesis,” or “to make.” Long before we wrote anything down, we recited poetry to … Continue reading

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If Only

I am honored to have my poem “If Only” included in the Spring issue of Apeiron Review! Issue Twelve is an intense collection, with some amazing prose, poetry, photographs and illustrations. You can read it online here. (“If Only” is on page 30.) … Continue reading

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